Infinite Flight using a LOT of storage

So I checked and there’s about 3.5 GB of data being saved?? Where is it coming from? It didn’t start filling up until I started flying online, is it possible that the game is saving map/airport files on my device for later? And if so, how do I stop that?

If you have many aircrafts downloaded, the game is going to take up that much space. No maps are saving to your device. Hope that helps.

Actually, I’m going to correct myself. As you fly to more places, it does download some scenery. However, the 3.5 GB is coming from downloaded aircraft, that’s for sure.

That would be about normal. Infinite Flight is using 5.2 GB on my device with all aircraft downloaded. Like @RealAviation1974 mentioned, the storage space comes from the aircraft mainly and the scenery is being streamed through your wifi source or cellular provider.

*** If you wish for it to take up less space, delete the app and reinstall it. This would be good way to gain the space back if storage is of a concern. Only download the aircraft you want to fly.


My Infinite flight is at a strong 7.3GB of used storage lul


That’s interesting. Maybe it’s an Android thing that uses more data. On my iPad and my iPhone, it uses around 5.1 GB with all the aircraft downloaded.


Mine is about 4.

I wonder why Aircraft take up that much space?

I didnt think i had very many planes, just like 10? Guess im gonna have to reinstall☹️

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Newer aircraft especially, have a lot of textures and details which use up a lot of storage.


It downloads it, but it goes directly to the RAM while flying and is erased when IF is closed. Doesn’t go to hard drive.


Totally normal. It’s from the planes downloaded.mmines taking up 6-7gb

It has always taken up a considerable amount of storage, thank God Global scenery downloads as you go :/

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