Infinite Flight using 4 gigabytes of storage

I’m running out of storage on my phone because IF has 4 gigabytes of “documents and data” stored on my phone, what can I delete in IF to save storage

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Replay files


Also, downloaded aircraft take space. I fixed this by reinstalling the app


scenery cache?

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Mine used to take up 11 gigabytes until I deleted it for the storage.

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I cleared it but it didn’t do much surprisingly

I literally took off 5 gigs just from replay files

Try to reinstall, will delete all downloaded aircrafts & liveries(not sure how much storage they take).

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Well you guys are nothing. Infinite Flight uses 16GB of my storage on my iPad already. Luckily, it is a Infinite-Flight-only iPad lol

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I am going to use my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as a Infinite-Flight-Only phone HAHAHAHAHA

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This is on a games only ipad

There are many things that can eat away at your storage. Infinite Flight caches aircraft and scenery so it will load faster next time you use the app. Clearing the scenery cache may help but it’s going to fill back up again.

You can save some storage by offloading your replays to the cloud, and then deleting them. They’re not huge files but if you fly a lot they can add up.


Get an S10+ 😂 all the storage you need…

4 GIGS?!?!?!?!?!?!

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I usually, link my gmail account, then delete the app, re-intall and login, and then i continuously do that.


After a few flights Infinite Flight is only taking up 2.5 Gigs before I Reinstall it. Why, you wonder? I am only using a 16Gb 4 year iPad. I used it for school purposes (Ebooks) before. 😭

My wish is to have a proper iPad Pro with 1TB. But for some reason it is way too expensive.

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Move all of your replays to cloud storage and delete the local versions.

I do not know why people are suggesting deleting and reinstalling. The app doesn’t change in size. Clearing the scenery cache is only temporary, as it’s just going to cache the scenery again.

The bulk of the storage space is used by local storage of replays. Instead of everyone always telling others to delete replays, which they may want in the future, by deleting the app, they should be suggesting moving the replays to cloud storage before deleting the local versions. That way you still have access to them.

There is no reason to be constantly deleting and re-installing the app.

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Mine uses 13 gigs. If you delete your replay files, you could free up a lot of storage.

Reinstalling IF can help actually. I always immediately delete my replays and clear the scenery cache. Even after doing that, deleting and reinstalling IF saves a lot of storage.

I don’t know why that’s the case, maybe we need a “clear aircraft cache option”.

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You immediately delete your replays but others may want to save them.

Certainly your choice, but people are so quick to tell people to delete the app without mentioning that the user will lose their replays and some people may want to keep them (and with cloud storage, there’s no reason you can’t. I have replays all the way back to March or April.)

People need to at least alert those that they’re suggesting it to that the replays will be lost if they do not move them to the cloud.

And…just like the scenery cache, the aircraft cache (or whatever you want to call it) is just going to fill up again as well.