Infinite Flight User Statistics (Age & Gender) [No Results]

Hey guys, Im an admin over at IFFG and with FDS /@DIsraelFDS we have come up with a poll to get an idea of a demographic of Infinite Flight Users, so if you could take 20 seconds to complete this survey that would be awesome


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I haven’t seen any over here yet but over on FB I have seen a few :p

I click it and it says survey taken. I think you used the wrong URL

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Same here. Have you ever posted this before?

No I think it’s the wrong URL. In it it says survey taken

Just noticed that. :)

@B767fan sorry guys, try this. I’ll also fix the main post now

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The only female members I know of is @Yna and @MishaCamp :-)


Those burns Misha…


@carmalonso is a Female too😏
Anyways there are some female fly on IF Like Erwin’s GF😜

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@ZaidSal did you see the story ‘females write better code’ in the news recently? That’s why @carmalonso is male ;-P

Female but above you #power


Well he made the code for liveflightapp😜


JK he is much better than me lol :-)

He is really good, not like Misha bad 😜

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That was most likely the quickest question are I’ve ever had.

I’ve seen a lot of people in Free Flight acting insane. I don’t do that, and I’m the age where I could be!

@elisua is a female

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Yes, last time I checked. 🙃