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Welcome to the Infinite Flight Updates tracking page. Our team have been busy gathering information and developing our new tracking pages.

By keeping it on our website, you can guarantee that all information is correct and updated as soon as possible.

The Xcub is the next aircraft to join the Infinite Flight fleet. With the release of the Xcub trailer, this aircraft is going to be packing a lot of cool features.

One of the most, if not the most requested aircraft in Infinite Flight, the A350. With the recent pictures you can tell that Infinite Flight are putting a lot of effort in this aircraft, to make it of the highest standards.

The Community has voted! Another aircraft that will join the Infinite Flight fleet sometime in the future is the reworked Boeing 777. This tracking thread is a bit early, but we are ready to report on all the news to come.

Are you going to flightsim expo?

We would like someone to report on the news for us and be able to send us some pictures. If you are interested go to


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