Infinite flight update


Anybody know if IF would bring in the A350-1000 anytime soon specially with Etihad airways livery?

I might be wrong but I don’t think they will be anytime soon. Sorry :(

It’s not on our radar at the moment unfortunately. We’re currently working on the Challenger 350 & A380



Unfortunately the A350K will not be added into the sim. Sorry

When did they put this out?

Could you please notify me if anything comes up?

Three years ago

All they needed to do is extend the fuselage, add three wheels on the bogey and edit the performance. :(

Feel free to and send it to us when you’re done then if it’s so easy ;)

Jokes aside, it’s quite a lot of work. And we don’t need to have every single variant of every single aircraft there is.

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I totally understand that it takes a lot of effort, but believe that it would make more sense to add all variants of the aircraft just like you did with the B77W & B772.

Those were different. They were a rework and not new.


Fair enough…

Would love to see the A350-1000 being brought in, great addition if it happens.

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