Infinite Flight update with Amazon

Hi my name is Seth,

I have a question about infinite flight? I would like to know why Amazon has not allowed the app to update on any of their Amazon products. Is it because Infinite flight and Amazon don’t work together anymore or is it because Amazon has not uploaded the new updated version to their devices yet?

thanks Seth

Thank you for reaching out to us!! Unfortunately these updates have not been released for Amazon devices due to various compatibility issues. We will gauge Amazon demand at a later date to determine whether or not we will continue to support the Amazon App Store updates. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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I made the same topic a few months ago when global released. It hurt me to read the answer. I now use my note 8, but I miss the large screen of a tablet.

Thank you for the response. I do love playing Infinite flight and have done many flights but I do wish I was able to fly to other destinations into he world and not be stuck in the old setting on my kindle. I do hope that Amazon will allow Infinite flight to update their store apps.

I can totally understand that.

I believe the major thing here is that Amazon have decided to run their own store. The app itself is obviously not incompatible with the hardware or the operating system as it’s basically like any other Android device out there.

We’ll see what happens in the future! :)


thank you do much with your response