infinite flight update- management

here I have to propose some Features to make global flight more desirable
As we know, global flight is going to be a big but very big big update in the IF history, and FDS wants to earn Money too. but from were does the Money come from ?
from us costumers and users , sure. but when we Count all comments on Google Play (for example) regarding the Price and how many People say : 4,99 € is too much i wont never buy any plane/Region! ,
we have to realize that if each Country/state will cost about 4,99 € FDS wont earn so much Money as they want ( that because i think Laura said Global flight will be basically the same think like now only with global flight) .

so here is what i want to propose:
-all Region that are now free will be free,
-all guys that bought some regions will have the relatives Countries for free,
-you dont see on the map in flight the Airports in the regions you didnt bought,
-because some Airports will be near the border, you can fly over a state you havent bought only if:
= <60 NM near a “bought” border over 10 000 ft
= >60 NM over 20 000 ft

and maybe:
FDS could do some states packs like live+ now , for example:
" ice Lover " including greenland and antartica…
and more…

what do you guys think?

I think you should stop speculating about price.


Prices will be announced when global is released.