Infinite Flight- Unfair ATC controller.

First post and unfortunately it’s not a good one.

I was on the expert server on 2019/2/01 and LEPA was one of the options. Approach gave me instructions to land and I followed them correctly. Then approach started to give me quick instructions with little to no time to execute them. I did them as fast as my device could handle and he gave me a warning for being ghosted. The next two vectors got me he gave me a one to maintain a speed of 190Knots and greater (I was at 150Knots) my plane could not satisfy his speed of execution and then I was ghosted. I was stunned as I have been in many other busy scenarios and I never faced so much difficulty… and this happened at LEPA… I have the name of the approach controller. I will not post the picture here until its needed… Thanks for reading.

Was this in the last 15mins, because i did a controller change 15 mins ago

The controller will pm you

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You don’t have a shot of the ATC log do you? Seeing exactly what was said at what times would be helpful.

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About 30mins ago it occurred.

feel bad man

I was the controller–I contacted the pilot via DM and explained what happened.