Infinite Flight TV Commercial

I was watching tv and saw an Alitalia commercial. I wondered how cool it would be for IF to have a tv commercial. Thoughts please! Just don’t be harsh. :)


$5000+ please. Thats how much it cost for air time on FOX, CBS, ABC etc., in large markets


I’ve seen a lot of advertisements recently from airlines like Southwest and Alitalia even Cape Air!

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I’ve actually seen lots of Cape Air commercials recently also. But you all make very good points, it would cost the devs alot of money that would be better spent (and probably appreciated by the users) being used directly to game development itself.

At first I thought this is such a stupid idea – like people saying to have an IF livery on a real plane – but then I realized there are ads on TV for games like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, etc. So it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities provided enough money could be saved up to place the ad and a good return on the investment could be predicted.


In my opinion, the hardest part would be choosing the best place to put the ad.


IF is a mobile sim, alot of viewers are not going to see this as enjoyable. Plus instead of spending that money on commercial space why not just spend it on improving IF?

Alright kid, you’re 13. You have no idea what the real world is. You cant make a statement like that when you haven’t even finish high school.


In the UK it’s rare for their to be ads for airlines the only airlines that to it are British airways, EASYJET, Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, Thomson and virgin Atlantic it costs a lot of money and it doesn’t necessarily work in a promotional way as most people have SKY and record shows in which case they forward the add breaks

I rarely see commercials of Copa Airlines…but is not enough with their trailer?

Well said!

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This would be something costly. FSX doesn’t have one and others too. I don’t think this would happen. The FDS will need to make a lot of money off of IF to make an Ad about it.
Also here in the US I would see Emirates, Korean Air, SouthWest, Delta, and United commercials. Those companies make millions upon millions of dollars.

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The revenue FDS makes compares nowhere near to an international flag carrier like Alitalia. It would cost FDS way to much to have an advert. Their best bet is social media and getting attention from media outlets like the New York Times.

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Or the LA Times for here in LA.

I may not be done with my schooling, but trust me, I KNOW my stuff. I’m entitled to my opinion.

You may think so but you don’t, hate to break it to you kid.


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The name says it all


YouTube ads would be a better choice than stream them trow out big providers :)


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