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Have you checked out our updated #ground-school category that is part of our ongoing Summer 2020 IFC Refresh? You will find Official Pilot and ATC Tutorials to show you how to master Infinite Flight along with an entire collection of Community Tutorials made by all of you.

Our ever-expanding library of tutorials aims to answer your most pressing questions. This is where you come in today!

What do you want to learn about next?

Comment below with a Pilot or ATC Tutorial you’d like to see!

  • Please keep your tutorial requests clear, focused, and brief.
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  • The top three video tutorials chosen by Staff will be put to a community vote!

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I wanna learn about briefing pre flight! :)


i want to learn how to recover from a stall


A cool tutorial would be strategies and methods to conserve fuel during long flights. People tend to not know these methods resulting in insufficient amount of fuel to make it to their destination.

How can this be beneficial to user experience?

Users will learn the real world procedures in conserving fuel which gives them a sense of realism since most customers want the most they can get out of Infinite Flight with the aspect of realism. This also will help people learn more about conserving fuel and the fuel aspect of your flight and how it is crucial to conserve fuel during long flights.


How to properly communicate with ATC at an airport with Center, Approach, and Tower.


I could be wrong but I think there are a lot of these already.

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Something I’d like to learn about is airspaces (what each class looks like and how to use them in IF)


No, I agree with you. There are enough of those. Even if they’re not in specific tutorials, they are mentioned in tonnes.

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How to stay calm while controlling busy airpsaces.


How to manipulate NDBs. I’ve flown a lot using VORs, but the NDBs are really confusing.


Yeah I don’t know what an NDB is. I second this.

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Yeah, I think that is a much needed tutorial. I have tried numerous times, and I find my recovery to be very sloppy.

I believe that the radar videos, excluding center, are a bit outdated, and maybe you could make a refresher along with some techniques included in there!


Pretty much how to use everythingon the NAV screen.


How to pilot the Cessna (I have never piloted ANYTHING before :( ) and how to butter. If those are up there, link me to them in a dm. Thanks!

True, even though this is already a topic about it explaining all new cockpit functions, but I would love to see a tutorial video, how the NAV functionalities can be used during the flight. I never used it, but that has something to do with VOR’s too.

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I would like to learn about IFR infrastructure such as airways and how to create a “legal” flight plan that follows real world regulations.


I would really like to see like a full flight tutorial.

What this means is you basically fly the flight and then you give helpful tips while flying the flight.


I would like to learn about VFR Flying please. Like to see how it’s done properly :)

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An Expert Server Flight with full ATC from pushback to taxi to parking would be cool.