Infinite Flight Tutorial 2: Landing Clearance from ATC Point of View

Me and the team at Infinite Flight Help(my team of Advanced controllers),are proud to present to you our second tutorial on Infinite Flight. Enjoy!

Tutorial #2:Landing Clearance

Link to video:
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I would like to thank the whole IFH team(you know who you are) as well as @nmasterson (Nick Masterson) who voiced and edited this video,Jenil Patel who was the pilot in the tutorial and @Matt_Woolford (Matt Woolford​) who made our stunning new logo. Thanks once more guys!



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@Tecnam2TA,our new video is up :)

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You like it @Tecnam2TA?

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Another great tutorial:) thumbsup and a new yt sub!

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Very well done! Thanks!

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Thank you @Tecnam2TA and @Thomas_Hense!

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