Infinite Flight Trip Report | VHHH - WSSS

Hello! πŸ‘‹ Welcome to my Trip Report from Hong Kong to Singapore on Singapore Airlines. We will be using the 773 of 9V-SWN. I will also be flying Business Class. Hope you enjoy!

We have boarded, as we are at Mount 34. We were greeted by very nice Flight Attendants, so far very nice.

As we pushback, I see engine number two starting. I also see the Spoilers deploying, possibly just checking it if it works.

As we taxied to the Runway, we see a China Southern 787.

And we are off! Takeoff was very nice, and the very nice surroundings with it.

As we turn south to Singapore and the South China Sea, I was offered some champagne but I respectfully declined the offer. She understood and went back. She was very nice though.

Here’s some more pictures.

Here we are near Vietnam, you can see Ho Chi Minh City near.

As we continue more south, we were pretty close to Singapore. We started descending aswell.

At last we were on short final, flight Attendants preparing for landing, picking up garbage, etc. sooner or later, we landed at Singapore! It was very smooth aswell.

We taxied to B17 at Terminal 3. And that concludes our Trip Report hope you liked it!


How creative of you to make virtual trip reports. Love the idea!