Infinite Flight Trip Report | UUDD - LGAV

Hello IFC!

Welcome to my first Infinite Flight Trip Report! Today I will be taking you on my journey from Moscow Domodedovo (UUDD) to Athens Eleftherios Venizelos (LGAV) on an Aegean A320. Without further ado, here are the shots!

Waiting to board at the gate while observing the low visibility in Moscow. Today we have an Aegean A320 registered SX-DNB taking us to Athens.

Getting comfortable in my seat just after pushback, exited for warm weather and clear skies in Athens.

Departing runway 14L with the fog beginning to clear. Incredible sunrise right?

Thankfully we had some spotters on the ground as we were departing. They captured this awesome shot as we rotated.

Cruising at an altitude of 34,000 feet, while taking in the views of Romania below. Breakfast was offered on this morning flight, I opted for a very basic, yet delicious hot breakfast, along with some juice. Very satisfying!

Before I knew it we were nearing Athens. Our approach over Tatoi Forest and the main city of Athens was nonetheless breathtaking. The scenery here in Greece is gorgeous, definitely somewhere I would like to fly over again in the future.

Unfortunately, I was unable to capture a wing view on final approach, however there were more spotters on the ground as we arrived at runway 03L. They captured this shot above as we were exiting the runway!

Taxiing to the remote stand after a very pleasant flight.

Finally, I quickly snapped this shot as I was making my way to the bus.

I thoroughly enjoyed this trip with Aegean, an airline I will definitely take in the future! Overall, I give this trip an 8.5 / 10!

Further details for the screenshot and videos category:
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 3HRS 8MINS
Route: UUDD - LGAV
Aircraft information: Aegean A320


Awesome trip report you got there! I like the details and the seat views, especially the bus part! Keep it up!


Thank you so much! 😊

No probs! Happy flying!

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