Infinite Flight Trip Report | United 5895: KLAX-KASE

This was on a flight from Los Angeles, CA to Aspen, CO. The flight time was about 2 hours on Expert Server with a cruise altitude of 37,000 feet. Enjoy!

Hello and welcome back to my second trip report! Today, I will be flying on United flight 5895 to Aspen, CO. After passing through security in terminal 7, I found my aircraft, a CRJ-700, sitting at gate 82.

I then found my seat, 21A, and then we pushed back and taxied to runway 25R. After a United 757 departed to EWR, we rolled down runway 25R and departed toward the Pacific.

Soon after, we turned to the north and then to the east heading towards Colorado. This picture I took of the mountains just outside LA.

After having a water and some pretzels, I got this picture of the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona.

As we continued east, we started to come across the Rocky Mountains as we started in our approach into Aspen. I got these two pictures as we made our way through the mountains as we approached ASE.

After a lot of turns through the mountains, we were finally on final into Aspen.

We then landed and rolled down runway 15 at ASE.

We then taxied to the terminal and parked at gate 2.

Thank you for looking at my trip report! I hope you enjoyed it and any feedback is welcome!


Great pictures! My favorites are gonna be 4, 5, 6, and 7! Aspen is lovely place to fly!

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My favourites are 5, 6, 7!

Very descriptive topic! I’ll be flying there more often, even is KLAX is cursed…

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I love the IF trip reports! Those are amazing photos!

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I love these IF reports! keep it up!

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