Infinite Flight Trip Report | SAS1501: EKCH-EGLL

Hey everybody just one thing, sorry if I do this wrong, this is my first Infinite Flight Trip Report.

I arrived at the airport, and I checked in and went through security. Then, I headed to my gate which would be gate C35. I took seat 5F. As I got on the plane and everybody was boarded, I decided to take a picture of the wing at the gate.

And then, a few minutes later, we were ready to taxi. I took this picture showing some of the airport as we were holding short of the runway about to line up. Then, we were rolling down the runway quickly. Then after rotation, I took a picture as soon as we got airborne. We had reached our cruising altitude, they were handing out snacks. I decided to have some crackers. I heard the announcement that we were starting our descent and the seatbelt sign came on. The captain told us we were 15 minutes from London Heathrow. We we’re getting pretty close, about 2 minutes till we would be on the ground, I decided to take this picture as we were on final for Runway 27R. We were about to touch down, there was so much excitement flowing through my body! And I took this picture at the perfect time before we touched down. Then, we taxied to gate 556, where we would get off the plane. The landing was pretty good, I’d rate it a 7/10. The service was great too, I’d rate that a 9/10. It was a smooth flight, just a bit bumpy at times. And last, I took this picture at the gate before I got off the plane. image


Nice photos! This view looks a little far up for 21a though πŸ˜‚

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Oh, what seat would that be? I will fix that.

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Probably about 5f

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Changed it! Thanks :)

No problem, it looks great!

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Thank you, and have a great day 😁

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Should I make more Infinite Flight Trip Reports?

  • Yes, definitely!
  • No.

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Lol, I want to make more so I voted yes πŸ˜‚

Of course! This one was great

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Thanks for the support bro!

Thanks for voting guys! I will do more trip reports next week probably.

Awesome trip report I really like it πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜

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Thank you @Armani_B! I enjoy making them πŸ˜‰

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Man really great I love reading these and making them keep up the good work and shots

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Thank you @Zach007! I will keep making these. The next one will maybe be on Tuesday.

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Wonderful trip report. I enjoyed the pics and the descriptions as well. Good day!


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