Infinite flight trip report KLAX-KJFK

Today I experienced a trip report from Los Angeles to The big apple, New York.I had arrived at the airport fairly early to get checked in. I didn’t bother to visit any lounge as I wanted to plane spot from the terminal. I flew on Deltas A330-300 for my 4 hour and 33 minute flight.(The A330 in Infinite flight has no registration so I will use DAL1258,) The registration for this plane is N830NW and it is 2.4 years old. Now to our pictures.

Here is our A330-300 taken a picture from the terminal. I sat in Business class happily.
Here I mange to snap a quick photo as we just departed from Los Angeles International Airport. It was a quick and steady climb which made for some great views.

Here the cabin crew came around and gave out snacks and drinks upon purchase. We were over Dixie National Forest at the time.
We are flying above one of the Great Lakes in Michigan. I opted for another snack which was chocolate covered peanuts.

We were just starting descent and it was pretty rough coming down from 37,000 feet.
We has just landed in The big apple and it was a fun trip definitely would do again.

Last but not least I got this photo as we were parked at our gates and getting off the aircraft in New York City.
(Thanks to at @Luke_Sta for inspiring me to make this I hope to see more of your infinite flight trip reports)


Can you fix the Grammer on the landing. It should be have just. Other than that, great report.

Very interesting how u made itself a passenger of a IF flight
Nice concept


Nice report, just one question…

If you were in Business Class, why were all your pictures from a window seat that should be in the Main Cabin for Delta? 😂


I just realized that lol guess I was in economy

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Don’t intend to be rude when I say this but you can’t tell someone to fix there grammar when you make a mistake in yours *Grammar

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Ha, good job

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