Infinite Flight Trip Report | DL589: KSEA-ZSPD

Credit to @Luke_Sta for the idea of Infinite Flight Trip Reports.

This was on Expert Server on a flight from Seattle to Shanghai. Flight time was 11.5 hours on a Delta 767.

I arrived at Sea-Tac 2 hours early to check in. My ride, a Delta 767-300, arrived from Minneapolis 3 hours before, so I didn’t get to see it pull in. We boarded from gate S3 and I sat down in seat 24A.

After about 30 minutes, we push backed and taxied out to runway 34R. Taxi time was only about 5 minutes and I saw some of Seattle’s mountains in the distance.

We then took off and I got this shot while climbing out of Seattle.

After about 30 minutes of climbing we reached our cruise altitude of 32,000 feet. Flight attendants then began passing out dinner. I got this shot of the Alaskan mountains near Juneau.

It was now becoming sunset as we started to cross the Pacific Ocean. I decided to get some rest as my seat came with a pillow and a blanket.

After getting a few hours of sleep, we were starting to reach Asia. The flight attendants gave everyone a drink and a snack. I got some orange juice and some pretzels. This picture I took while we were over Japan.

We were now reaching Shanghai and it was pretty foggy outside. This picture I took when we just reached land at sunset.

We then turned to the right and are now on final for runway 34R.

Our landing was a little bumpy but wasn’t terrible. I got this picture while rolling down 34R.

We then taxied to the gate and deplaned just as the sun was coming down.

Thank you for looking at my Trip Report! Should I do another one of these in the future?

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Pretty cool to see your departure upon deboarding my Southwest 738 that came in from San Diego!


Yeah I saw you on final. I was going to put a picture of you on final but 10 picture limit

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Very nice! Glad people are taking ideas from me :)

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I really love the trip report idea in IF!

The mountain shots of Alaska look amazing 🤩

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You came up with a perfect idea shooting the story of your plan scheme. I am so glad to Vote “YES” as I would like to see more of these …
I recommend to change this word “Flight Attendant” into aviation standard culture such as “Cabin Crew”

Keep it up, 🙂


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