Infinite Flight Trip Report | CYVR - KSFO

Welcome to my Flight Trip Report!

We are flying from CYVR - KSFO on Air Canada 568 with C-FDRK.

Here we are with a nice window picture of Jazz 8109, aswell as the sun.

As we are pushing back, I take a picture of Engine Number Two.

Taking a Picture with the Mountains in the background as we are taxiing.

I get a picture of our takeoff, then take a picture of the Plane turning.

20 minutes from landing, about to start descent, with Fog!

A picture of San Francisco Intl. Airport!

Crossing 2 Runways to get to the gate, and some aircraft in the background. Finally we arrive at International Gate 94.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Credit to @Luke_Sta for Idea


hopefully i was able to give some good ATC service haha

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It was before you were there, when there was no ATC service at all.

oh gross. apologies


It’s totally fine. Although I did see people running through each other, but I forgot to take pictures.

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