Infinite Flight Training Server ATC Recruiting

Are you tired of flying around the training server just to find people with little to no experience controlling, Tired of flying Socal? Tired with TS1? Want to restore your faith within TS1? Want to become a legitament and experienced controller? Like you did not pass any IFATC exams or you’re not the age for IFATC? Dont worry IFTSATC is IFATC for the training server, In order to get in, recruiters ask you a few questions of your basic knowlege and if you get those questions correct and meet the requirements we will do a practical, Yes anyone can control in the Training Server, Yes there are allot of verbal ATC but they only use discord, But we want to control within infinite flight as a team, like IFATC we will choose a region to control for one day (Excluding Socal) and control. If you want to become IFATC but you cant join because of the age, join IFTSATC First (We only accept decently mature and experienced controllers, Thank you! :)

-Must be the age of 12 or higher
-Must be Grade 2
-No more than 50% Violation to Land Ratio
-30 Days experience of controlling
-Valid Email Adress

Next step:
Once you have met all the requirements and grade you can contact a recruiter.


Please only contact one recruiter, we dont need you spamming multiple recruiters at a time.

3 to 6 aircraft will be training you on patternwork,transitions etc, so its best to know what you’re doing.
Poor:Retake in 3 weeks
Marginal:Retake in 2

I am doing this for fun, join the race make training server 1 great again, even though it will never happen, But if you want to control and you dont have a chance for IFATC but really want to control, Come Join IFTSATC if you meet the requirements

-Permission granted by tyler shelton :)


even if a person is dissapointed of not able to clear the real IFATC . the tests and recruiting conditions you pose dont very much bring a hope for the same person

second is that even if you go along doing and training them yet there might be a possibility of a person opening a freq on TS1 for the first time and your IFTSATC might get beaten up to that freq.

it really will degrade the value and intentions of the team members of your atc .

anywhay good thought. good life


Good reasoning, Thats why we keep it on the lowdown on what region and frequency we control, and we want decent controllers, thats why we have some form of test


i like this idea a lot, especially as a flyer that will never reach the expert server cuz of limited time


There’s two conditions I don’t agree with on here:

  • Must be Grade 3 (I would’ve made it Grade 2)
  • 30 days since last ghost (I would’ve made it 14 days)

Otherwise it’s a bit like the conditions for getting into IFATC (I know this is a bit less) but it’s still not easy for the new user to get to join here if they’re reliable.


Nice, It would be great to fly around other TS regions with atc coverage too!

But how are you gonna ensure people actually have 250ops. Have them check with an IFATC recruiter?


I just said 14 because it’s two weeks…but whatever floats your boat.


Unless you’re willing to take their word for it, I would remove the ghost limit and the ops count. Purely make it time based, for example: “at least 30 days of controller experience.”

It is extremely time consuming to check individual stats so myself and other Expert Server mods/recruiters will not be able to check this for you. Good luck!


Oh ok then, that sounds better

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We have another recruiter for IFTSATC @AggieAirlines! Congrats!


Congrats to @Neeson52 he has gained the recruiter spot as well!


Thanks so much @Cpt_Chris


thanks @Cpt_Chris
it’s a pleasure


You can also gather a lot of helpful info on the pilot checking on LiveFlight. Have them spawn somewhere , and you can “click” on their aircraft. It won’t tell you how many Ops they currently have. But it does give you other good information. Good luck


Thank you mr tom! I cant see ops but i think i can see ghosting and violations!


I love this idea! Amazing effort done here @Cpt_Chris who knows…maybe one day I’ll have to check this out for myself ;)


You should join @SkyHighGuys! I know that you love controlling


Great idea, my only concern is for the people have have never been an Air Traffic Controller before. How will they begin to get experience and learn?


They should check out the tutorials on the forum


Correct me if I am wrong but this is not stopping someone from controlling on TS1 and learning. This just gives some structure to those controlling as a group and will hopefully make the pilot experience better.

People are still encouraged to take a frequency and learn about ATC if they are interested.

You should also point out that IFTSATC is not related to IFATC and is not part of the official recruiting/scouting process. Being part of IFTSATC does not automatically grant you access to IFATC (expert) nor does it bypass any of the testing processes.