Infinite Flight Trailer (2014)

What game is this? Looks nice

No 787 showing up there🤔

The thing I miss the most is the water. Really wish FDS never replaced it!

Wow! This really brings the nostalgia back to me of what infinite flight was like back then, but it also amazes of how far we have come over the past 5 years. As back then it was near impossible to think of how global would become such a regular thing nowadays.

This is Infinite Flight in 2014

Ikr it is unbelievable.You can show your love by giving it a ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤ review.

I would buy them the biggest cake known to man😂

The only thing that changed negatively is the water in my opinion. But yea, IF is INCREDIBLE compared to back then!

Listen to the music in both of these videos

Whats the difference

Just the pitch of the guitar. Either of these videos copied the song.

They did or did not copy the song

That’s what I mean

It’s like X-Plane 10 Mobile, they only have regions and the maps aren’t even big

i have to amit the sea was amazing in the older version

This is my opinion on what we have now and I don’t mean to offend anyone. I think the scenery is better when cruising at high altitudes and being able to recognize highways and neighborhoods that I know in real life, the water however seems to be better than what we have now.

wow , i still remeber when 747 and 787 only have 1 livery and the whole graphics is soooo bad

Notice the water effects, I loved it so much, and now the water is not as good, but now Infinite Flight is going to be getting a massive update at some point in the future, which might have some good water textures than having the water look smooth and not like a good type of water

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Thank You all SO much for the love on this topic. It is my top topic on the IFC. Any other thoughts or opinions?

Oh wow! IF has come so far! I remember pre-global. Just loved the light effects and scenery. But, they have come so far, probably the best on mobile!

Ah, back in the good old days when IF was light years ahead of the competition, wouldn’t mind to see it take a decisive lead again…


I thought SFO and LAX was a different scenery?