Infinite Flight Trailer (2014)

I honestly have no words for what I see.

How far IF has came is amazing to me!


Not gonna lie, but I like the old scenery better🤷🏻‍♂️


I remember always flying from LAX to SFO because there was no other place to go before global 😂


oh ya, that copy paste greenery was top notch than what we got now

What is that airport at 1:02?

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St. Martin Airport (TNCM)

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I remember watching this and loving the drip sound everyone once in a while in the music lol. It’s weird to think how long ago this was - I didn’t have the game until October 2016 and it’s already a completely different app than it was then

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Ah the good old days. I have so many memories of those days. It was fun and simple, the Half Moon Bay, And San Clemente Airfield will always be some of my favorite airports. ☺️🥰


Are you sure bro haha

It was copy and paste dull boring terrain

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I think it was only up to San Diego in the SoCal region sfo was in a different region u had to buy

Yea I think I bought it.

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I miss san clemente too it was always so busy

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😂😂 Linux was the best everyone would just spawn on top of each other 😂

This is 2014 look how far they have come. Makes me 😢

I remember back then on the casual server everyone would fly to half moon bay near SFO. Not sure why but for some reason it was really popular.


Bring back the water graphics!


Beautiful, my favorite route was MMTJ-KNUC with the Aeromexico 737, I remember when KNUC was always full.

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Getting sentimental

It also astonishes me in just 5 years how far we’ve come as a community and Infinite Flight as a simulator. We have global, a working cockpit for an aircraft, animations for aircraft etc. It really is crazy!

It’s sad to see San Clemente empty now. I used to always fly from KLAX-KNUC. Ah…Good old days. 787 before the rework with just Virgin Atlantic (or Australia can’t remember), the old missions with B747 and the space shuttle…miss those.