Infinite flight tracker?

What app does everybody use to tracker flights in infinite flight? And is it free?

I personally use LiveFlight. The basic version is free (I believe so at least).


You are correct, however you do have to change the server it’s tracking, i made that mistake for the longest time and was so confused 😂👍

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Ok thanks guys


If you have an Android device there is a free app developed by ValXp here called Flight Tracker available in the GPS…and in my opinion it is as good as Live Flight though it has not been updated lately.

I was thinking of making one. Who knows. Maybe i will.

If your on ios you can get the Liveflight app which is by far the best. On android you can get infinite tracker app which is nowhere near as good but does the same job.

You can still use the Liveflight website however for me it’s really laggy for some reason.

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