Infinite Flight Tracker

Everyone i have this problem with the site. When i was flying my 777-300ER British Airways with the callsign “Speedbird 7” from EGLL to KSFO i tried to see my flight on the site, but when i purchased my subscription monthly, and searched for my flight, i couldn’t find it.

I was definetly flying on Casual Server Global V2, so i clicked it on the tracker, and i couldn’t
find my flight multiple times, i kept struglling, i even tried enabling ForeFlight in the Infinite Flight Settings, and nothing helped.

If anyone knows how to solve this, please comment down below.

Thanks for you guys attention to read this.

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Foreflight has nothing to do with LiveFlight.

Sometimes there is a delay from when your flight shows up. Also LiveFlight shows current flights. If you end your flight you won’t be able to see you in LiveFlight any more.

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How did you search for you Flight? Call sign? Display name?

Sometimes, it is best to try and locate where your plane is.

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I searced Speedbird 77, nothing appeared, i searched on the map, i didnt find my flight.

What is your display name? And where are you currently at?

Display name: Speedbird 7
Server : Casual V2 [Global]
Place: Atlantic Ocean, a few miles after Ireland

So Speedbird 7 is your display name and Speedbird 77 is your callsign?

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This is the whole point of this thread.

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Oh sorry, my display name is SpeedPlayz, callsign Speedbird 7 i made a mistkae

But your callsign is Speedbird 7, were you searching for the wrong callsign?

Can you add the server name AND plane location to the bottom bar and take a screen shot?

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oh my god, i made a mistake again, i searched Speedbird 7, this is so confusing

I also can’t take a screenshot on the map of where i am

I have no way i can send the location picture to my comptuer so i can post it, if i quit IF, my flight will cancel and end

Can you just confirm that you have a green checkmark in the top right corner of IF? You may not be connected to the server properly. I’m not seeing you on liveflight

I am closing this topic peepz, just saw my plane on the map

Have you changed your callsign mid flight? I see a number of recent callsigns for you so maybe you changed it?

Lot 23
Lufthansa 882
Castle 599
Qatari 7

ill end this topic, we can stop now, i see my plane