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Hello, can anybody tell me how can I get better at IF, because I would like to be Grade 5 one day.

Hello Harrison,
This is a great post by a community member named Zyad explaining many aspects of Infinite Flight, I’d highly recommend checking it out!
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Tbh, your grade and your skill at flying in IF aren’t connected at all. You can be an aviation pro with grade 1 as well (if you weren’t demoted due to violations). The best you can do to get good at IF is to check if you can execute everything taught in the Flying Guide by IF. If you can you should never any problem with ATC and you’ll be able to fly everywhere and every approach type.
When it comes to Grade 5, you just have to avoid getting violations and fly a lot. The hardest stat to get is the landings count. To achieve grade 5 you will need to farm landings if you can’t fly multiple flights a day. To do this you can follow Dan’s tutorial for example:

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Thank you very much for the help

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Number one top tip: Landings.

Practice as many landings as possible as often as possible. It’s the one key thing that connects skill and the major hurdle of grade 5 requirements.

It builds skills (“muscle memory”) that are applicable to all phases of flight.

As you get increasingly skilled at landings, you’ll likely ask yourself the question: “how can I increase the number of landings per practice session.” I don’t think that desire is necessarily a bad thing.

You might possibly set a goal of: a session every day with 10 landings. Or something similar that works for you.

Good luck!


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