Infinite flight timelapse!

A few days ago, I posted some photos on this flight. Now, here’s the timelapse!
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Yea, nice 😅😬

I don’t see this getting many views sorry.

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It’s alright, don’t really do it for the views. Thanks for the feedback!

Cool bro nice work

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Thanks for the feedback!

how rude man.


All good, just pointing out facts 😂

Oh, well that wasn’t feedback. If you want feedback, I’d just try and use different cams other than the ones already implemented with movement. Use free cam or drone cam sometimes and that will make it better.

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For the takeoff and landing, I do free cam. For the intro, I do scenic, for cruise ( if the plane had a interior) I use drone, if it doesn’t I use left wing. For the taxi, I use normal and cockpit

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Well, EGKK is a confirmed WIP, which means that it will be soon 3D , I hope you’ll take some pics at that time ^^ !

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