Infinite Flight time to real time

When I play IF I notice most flights is shorter in IF time than real flight time. Is there a conversion that I can use for IF flight time to real life time?

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Real life flight time takes into account air traffic, weather reroutes, ATC vectors and more! Often times, when you’re flying, you won’t have ATC, unless you fly in ATC zones. Hence, your flight time will usually be less than in real life :)


It is real time. Real earth size. You must be going too fast.

No im going M.78 in a A320 it should be the same

So a 7 hour flight is the same both IF and irl? correct me if im wrong.

You have to sometimes consider the flowing:
Airport traffic
Also depending on the FPL, sometimes different FPL’s can be shorter than others

Yep. It’s hard to get the flight time to be bang on to what happens in real life, but your flight time should be somewhat close.

Oh ok that makes sense

Along with that, most flight trackers take into account taxi time, which at some major airports may go above 20 minutes, and even worse if there are other conditions. Your flightime in IF is purely the time you spend in the air.

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The same flight that happens seven times a day never takes the exact same amount of time each flight.

I mean, look at the history on FlightAware or something for a flight that happens over and over (say KSTL-KATL) and they’re similar but not exact. Now take that 90-minute flight and stretch it over 7 hours and the variables which cause the differences just extrapolate to greater effect as well.


Flight time seems accurate to me? What do you usually cruise at?

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Answered above

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My bad didn’t see that

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