Infinite Flight Time Lapse on Instagram

For all of you Instagramists, I have started an account called infinite_flight_time_lapse and would like to get some followers. If you’re interested hit the follow button on our page on Instagram. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks! :)


asking is not gonna get you a lot of followers…

I suggest u post some content on this post

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I have posted a few time lapses on IFFG, but the quality isn’t that good on Facebook. On the forums, I have trouble posting videos through both of my devices.

New time lapse video out! Don’t miss it. Check our page to view it.

I have to say that the new video is awesome! Go check it out at infinite_flight_time_lapse on Instagram!

Can you give me a link please?

Try this. :)

To learn how we make the time lapses watch our story on Instagram!!!

Check out our website:
Also check out our new twitter page!