Infinite Flight Time lapse... First Video!

So I created a channel by the name of IF fan, and I just made my first upload. It was a time lapse of San Clemente KNUC and of Los Angeles KLAX on TS1. Its pretty cool and shows you what happens over a 40 minute period on TS1. I really hope that you enjoy this!

*Inspiration by @JRRaviation

Here is the video:

Thank you all for watching my video! I hope you have an awesome day!


Cool video! Maybe next time you could be a little closer to the action?🙂


Yeah thats what I was thinking lol. I will keep that in mind for the near future!

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At 0:04 can you see the guy taxiing across the grass?


Yes, lol…

Lots of crazy people on!

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I am adding my new channel art, and profile picture!

What do u use to record your screen?

Quicktime Player, its good on Apple products.

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We have a scheduled event for this Sunday!

Don’t miss it!

Nice Job. This looks amazing. Keep up the great work and make more videos ;)

Thanks man, I really appreciate it.

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Also we will have a weekly upload and a monthly live stream!

Nice time-lapse, I hope to see some more in the future!

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Nice !!! I recommend putting music, but otherwise i really liked it !

You wouldn’t have to say anything to know this was the training server! Wouldn’t want to be a passenger on that plane that face planted on the runway. (1:44) Cool video 👍


@Neeson52 an @Spencer_Chapman I really appreciate the feedback!

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Man, this is brilliant! This video made my day!))

Hey thanks dude! I really appreciate it!

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Add some comedy jazz on the background and you can start your weekly comedy show!

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lol it is pretty funny.

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