Infinite Flight TikTok

Why Infinite Flight has a TikTok account providing that TikTok is cringe?

Why not make a Subreddit since some IFS users use Reddit.

Let me give you a solution to that problem:

Turn of your phone

But seriously, and respectfully, this is your opinion. Some people may like TikTok and it’s good for a company to have reach on such platforms, given how popular short form content is getting.

There is also an unofficial SubReddit, but there really isn’t a point making an official one since the IFC mainly serves that purpose.


But TikTok is known for stealing personal info since Chinese has a good surveillance system. I don’t know if TikTok will track you even you disable App Tracking on Apple.

TikTok is cringey like the cringe TikTok voiceover which is commonly use in “POV: (insert situation)” video, fake predictions, and the dances.

Their are some non cringe videos on TikTok like the “Jerry in the Driver Seat” because it gives you the classic Vine vibes.

TikTok is a social media platform used by about a billion people globally. it is important for any company to reach people by using social media platforms, TikTok included. Solution is to not use TikTok if it’s too “cringey” for you.



Brainwashed if you think that Tik Tok is the only company collecting your data. And also, what is the Chinese government supposed to do with your data? Are you an American spy or something?


Oh and yes, Infinite Flight uses your WiFi network.