Infinite Flight: Third-Party Projects Wiki!

A central database of all third-party projects designed for Infinite Flight. If you are not a regular, message @AlexH to have your project added.

Charts & Flight Planning

IF Charts- @DipperDolphin
IF-Charts is a site where you can get an airport icao, and it will bring up all the charts, including SID and STAR charts, for that airport.

IF FLIGHT PLANS - @Kieran_Lockhart
A website that can be used for anything from casual flights to full realism. Has flight plans for complete novices to more complex flight plans including Stars and SID’s

Flight Tracking

Live Flight - @Cameron
Track flights in Infinite Flight Live around the world across multiple servers using LiveFlight Tracker!


Flight Cast - @jasonrosewell
FlightCast is a Podcast about the mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight. Our mission is to discuss all things Infinite Flight by interviewing people from developers, to users who are real life pilots and air traffic controllers.


The flight plans website is cool

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