"Infinite Flight, the PMDG of Mobile Flight Apps," says Matt Davies

So to give some background, I was watching Matt’s stream yesterday. Towards the end, the topic of Infinite Flight is brought up by one the guys he is talking to. He mentions an Infinite Flight review Matt has done. Matt says the video is private, and he has no plans to release it yet. He is later asked about the Global update, and he goes on about FDS trying to contact him. The conversation is brief, but I thought it was rather mysterious. I’m posting a link to the replay below, the time the conversation starts is at 01:26:12. (caution for language)


What was that about? I wonder what the review refers to.

Like I said, it’s mysterious…makes you wonder

Don’t see anything mysterious. FDS just wanted to have IF advertised on his channel (from the info we’re given).

He, however, did sound sarcastic when he said that IF is PMDG of Mobile. Someone also said that he won’t even do a sponsored video on IF claiming it’s that bad.


When you’re used to flying PMDG 777s, anything on a phone is terrible in comparison.


Yeah, I would say the "mystery’’ piece is up for interpretation. He did sound a little irritated talking about it at all. Little does Matt know when Global comes out IF will be a whole new simulator.

You can’t really compare the two… of course PC will win than, but if you compare it to something like aerofly or xplane mobile it will surely win. Global is gonna make it even better.


New title should be “Infinite Flight, the PMDG of Mobile Flight Apps,” says Matt Davies sarcastically

He was being sarcastic! :(


You can compare the two, I agree that it is not a fair comparison, but the comparison can be made nonetheless.

I’ve eaten everything from beef on a skewer out of a hole in the wall in China to Japanese A5 Wagyu in Tokyo. I would say for sure the Japanese A5 Wagyu was much better than the beef skewer. But that doesn’t mean the beef doesn’t have its charm and allure about it.

The same goes for flight sims, just because something isn’t technically perfect doesn’t mean it can’t appeal to people in a different way. Infinite Flight’s selling point is a good, but not hyper-realistic simulator in your pocket. It carries a very gentle price point and is great for beginners and experts alike who want a flight sim setup that is cheap and can fit in your pocket.

Hardcore simmers like Matt will see the flaws, like the lack of controllable aircraft systems, the non-4K graphics, lack of 3D structures, and low texture quality. That’s a perfectly valid viewpoint to hold, though one some people around here might not like.


Correct, I like it because it’s a very portable sim. You don’t need a huge setup. And with native multiplayer and Global coming soon, it’s only gonna get better. At the moment IF is ok in terms of quality, but I really would like to see a complete rework of the 777.


Honestly the whole thing seems kinda BS/Bogus. I mean I cant see FDS reaching out to someone who conducts them self in that overall manner, Im sure thats not how they want to be seen, swearing etc… but FDS has proved me wrong before, so.


You know thats funny cause I was planning on asking Matt if he would review IF lol.


I really want someone to make that video of a review that Matt mentioned…
“tilt device to chest to rotate”, “tilt device to the left at 23.5 degrees to turn left” 😂

Sounded like he was taking the p*ss out of Infinite Flight tbh.

Yeah. He sounded like he really really didn’t like it.
He also sarcastically said that you have to “move your device 125,6 degrees to the left” to perform a basic mavouver, so he definetly didn’t touch the sensitivity controls 😂


If he gave a positive review for FSX, he IS biased or bribed. It seems that to him iPads, iPhones, 1979 Home Desktops and 2017 Gaming Laptops have the same speed and capacity. (Else Infinite Flight would have an Infinite number of positive points. :-) ) FDS should find the truth and if what I said is correct, Matt Davies owes an apology or something.

@Maxim, what is PMDG? I know that you know, and if you didn’t, you would not use that abbreviation.

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You can’t compare computer sims to portable sims, just not realistic. Smaller devices don’t have nearly the processing power as a computer, nor the capability to handle high memory programs, such as payware addons for FSX. Considering how far FDS has come within the limitations of smaller devices, Matt had no right to make a sarcastic comment like that.


Couldn’t agree more.

Are you being sarcastic? I can’t tell

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You might want to check out Google (https://google.com) as it’s great search engine. But to get you started here’s a “How to” link: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=What+is+PMDG%3F