Infinite flight terrain

Is there any plans to upgrade the terrain to something like this? This is on flight radar and it downloads from online as it goes just like the infinite flight app but it’s so much more detailed and realistic

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imo it doesn’t look good to me, looks lazy, while IF looks much better


Right now, 15M scenery is plenty in the Developers minds. Getting more high detailed scenery is not just harder to find, it costs much much more. I don’t think it justifies the cost currently.


You kidding? It’s FAR more detailed and accurate.

Yeah it is detailed, but its just using google maps, and it doesn’t look that nice since its not 3d

Perhaps in 3-4 years (or more). We don’t even have global coverage for the “inaccurate” scenery yet.


Satellite imagery costs millions of dollars for the entire globe. If you want more detail than 15m, I’m sure FDS will happily accommodate that request if you’re willing to foot the bill.


It costs me £1.49 a month to subscribe to flight radar so it can’t be that expensive surely?

This forum is nuts, any suggestions of improvement are automatically viewed as some sort of insult.

Erm, it is 3D. It looks much better than a pixelated blob

Feel free to research the costs of satellite imagery if you don’t believe me. FR24 runs ads, which pay a lot of the bills.


Look closely, its not 3d, its actually 2d. Its just the way pics are taken

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Looks like someone let a Yeti on the loose. I suppose it left some noticeable marks around the globe. The whole thing went flat…😐

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The city might look nice but in the background it looks sloppy. IF blends things more. In those pics I see a great city then ehhhh.


Here’s some information taken from Earthstar Geographic’s website. This is the company that provides Infinite Flight with their imagery.

Whole Earth - 500M = 95000 USD.

I can’t find pricing for 15M.

Let’s use some maths, 500*500=250000, this is the number of square meters in a 500sq/m block.

95000*250000 = 23750000

Approximately, getting a 1sq/m dataset would cost FDS 23,750,000 dollars. Or twenty three million and seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

This is a lot of money they have to have lying around.


Maybe it’s just me, and there’s stuff left out. But, I am having a really hard time understanding whatever it is that you just said.

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Even more math just because I feel like it.

47553 is the current number of users on the forum.
Multiply this by 89, the cost of a year of PRO, and you get 3804240.

Take 23750000 and divide it by 3804240 and you get just under 6.25. This means that to just pay off the dataset every community member would need to buy PRO for over six years.

This over six years doesn’t even include data streaming costs, server costs, aircraft development costs, other feature development costs, developer pay, and more.

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Honestly, if given the choice between our current imagery and the pictures provided, I would stick with what we have now. I think the pictures above look ‘half done’, especially the first picture. I would rather stick with what we have now and continue to do updates like the one we had recently. Obviously, this doesn’t even mention the high costs associated with a change outlined by @Kevin_Potthast Again, this is just me thinking out loud.


As awesome as detailed imagery is as you share from FR24, it is incredibly expensive. With increased costs, subscription prices will rise, and I doubt most folks want to pay even more money. The subscription options that we have available to use are a perfect medium (costs) for the expierence we get to enjoy.

Maybe as time and technology progresses, this will be something that is looked into by the developers.

After all this is a MOBILE Flight Simulator This is not your average flight simulator that you have on your desk eating up 50-100GB of space on your computer. Streaming is the new trend and that’s what FDS is starting to dip their feet into. All scenery that we have right now is streamed.