Infinite Flight Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Regarding Recording

Does it say anywhere in the terms of use or the privacy policy of Infinite Flight that you need consent in order to record a video of another user and post said recording to any public video-sharing website or app. For example Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, ect.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

In my case I would like to know because I have posted three videos of my ATC sessions. I was planning on posting more but I thought of this this morning. I would gladly take them down if the answer to this question is yes.

This is not regarding the Infinite Flight Community or anything else affliated with Infinite Flight. I would like accurate and serious answers only, please do not guess.


I didn’t think you needed consent.
But I could be wrong

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Just stating this again to be clear.


You are not sharing any personal data by doing so. You are fine.


A users username and callsign is okay to show just so it’s definite that the answer is no.

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Yes, you are totally fine.


Ok, thank you @schyllberg! 👍

What? Why would you ever need consent to record a video

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In some mediums you need consent in order to post someone else to social media.


Omly if you actually see the person in real life recording a person in a game is alright.

You could’ve just read it? 😕

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I’m not fluent in lawyer speak so didn’t want to guess.


Alright I’m sorry 😐 …

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