Infinite Flight Team

Hello everyone I would like to know if there are team infinite flight?

I don’t understand the question? Team of what?

Infinite Flight is developed by a company named Flight Development Studios (FDS)…

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What do you mean?

There are several teams: airport editing, ATC, etc. Can you elaborate your question?

Infinite Flight Organizations Database if this is what u mean

What I mean by team are groups that is to say to register on no company late I know too much how to explain its but I see in the community of infinite flight going I would like to know more

Do you mean Virtual Airlines? If so, there is a whole category for those. :) Go to #live:va and see all the opportunities!

Yes it’s that ! Thank you @Mats_Edvin_Aaro :)

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No problem! :)

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You just joined one:-) Plane & Pilot is one.

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Finally @Mats_Edvin_Aaro is good for something 😜


i now haha :)

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