Infinite Flight T-shirts

So my dad will be going to America in April and he has the the possibility to order IF T-shirts to a work colleagues address. And because I want to make sure that I get the right size, I wanted to know how well does it fit? Obviously this is a question for people who have one.

Here’s some men’s sizes!

Thanks, but is the size accurate to what is advertised?

Quite sure of it, being the owner of a small-size shirt myself. Maybe Jason can tell you. He’s in charge of digital marketing.

OK thanks. I just wanted to double check as I live in Switzerland and sending it back would make it a bit difficult. @jasonrosewell maybe you could help.

American sizes as I’m sure you are aware end up being larger than ours. I’m usually too small for the small sizes which are more like mediums.

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This is the exact reason I asked because you never know if it is too small or too large.


I usually fit a US small quite well in terms of t-shirts. Our IF shirts fit perfectly. I can’t say for sizes in Europe. @Cameron could be of assistance here. He has more cross continent experience than me 🙂

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Thanks Jason! I’ll wait to see what Cam has to say and then I think it will be time to order it.

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From personal experience after moving to the U.S my larges in Europe would fit okay while in the U.S they fit a little looser. (Some people say it feels the same)

Honestly it also depends on the material (cotton blend, polyester etc) once you wash it and dry it and depends on the manufacturer -

In terms of sizing I would honestly get a large if you’re a medium for example as you’ll grow over time.
(assuming you’re still young), but again that also depends on fashion-
I know after living over there for a while, men usually go for tighter fitting clothing.

I think I will be going for a medium as that is what I am now and have had that now for some time. And if the size is slightly larger than it should be ok, but I don’t need to rush as I have a bit of time. Thanks for your response.

If you wear a medium, a US M should be fine (maybe slightly larger than what you’re used to). Usually works for me :)

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Ok thanks a lot!

Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback really helped!

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