Infinite Flight T-Shirts

Zach here,

I’m thinking about making some IF T-shirts, first of all, am I allowed to put IF logos etc on shirts?

Second, would anyone be interested in FDS and IF shirts?


(Not sure if this should be in Developer or General)

@matt @Matthieu_Laban @philippe


Omg that would be great

Are aware that FDS has setup their own store selling Infinite Flight t-shirts?

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This would not be allowed without express permission from Flying Development Studio to use their branding. An official Infinite Flight store exists at


You know it’s serious when he uses the #custardtext


Is there a way you could get the Devs to PM me? I just wanna do it because they only have the standard logo, that’s why I wanted to do this.

Hang tight for now, this won’t be allowed at this precise moment in time.

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OK. Thanks. Hope he contacts me soon.

The appropriate action would be to PM them explaining what you want to do with their logo and then wait for a reply.

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Roger that. So just Matt and Philippe, or is there more? Also, do you think they would reply?

Matt and Philippe, yes. I can’t guarantee a reply.


And a few hours later…


See, there’s always a reason behind my posts Sean!

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