Infinite Flight T-Shirts

Zach here,

I’m thinking about making some IF T-shirts, first of all, am I allowed to put IF logos etc on shirts?

Second, would anyone be interested in FDS and IF shirts?


(Not sure if this should be in Developer or General)

@matt @Matthieu_Laban @philippe


Omg that would be great

Are aware that FDS has setup their own store selling Infinite Flight t-shirts?

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This would not be allowed without express permission from Flying Development Studio to use their branding. An official Infinite Flight store exists at Infinite Flight Official Store: Designs & Collections on Zazzle


You know it’s serious when he uses the #custardtext


Is there a way you could get the Devs to PM me? I just wanna do it because they only have the standard logo, that’s why I wanted to do this.

Hang tight for now, this won’t be allowed at this precise moment in time.

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OK. Thanks. Hope he contacts me soon.

The appropriate action would be to PM them explaining what you want to do with their logo and then wait for a reply.

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Roger that. So just Matt and Philippe, or is there more? Also, do you think they would reply?

Matt and Philippe, yes. I can’t guarantee a reply.


And a few hours later…


See, there’s always a reason behind my posts Sean!

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