Infinite Flight T-Shirt

I thought Infinite Flight shirts only ship to US. Can someone confirm this?


A quick search on amazon confirms that the T-Shirt now ships to India, Germany, the UK, and more through the AmazonGlobal program!


Good to know that. They only shipped to US until just recently right? Or am i just tripping

That is correct.

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Didn’t know they sell T-Shirts might get one for myself! 😁

It ships to Germany? That‘s great news! However, I cannot find it on Amazon. I searched for „Official Infinite Flight T-Shirt“ but it didn‘t show the product.

Weird, all i searched was “Infinite Flight”

It’s a really good tshirt. I bought one as well. Go ahead with it

They don’t ship to Canada yet! :(

Top left, select “Germany” and input your zip code.

@ThomasThePro repeat above steps.

Muchas gracias, I think I‘ll order one.


If they dont ship it to Canada yet, I think they will never make it to Brazil 😥

It is hands-on one of the best t-shirts I have bought.

In my opinion, the Infinite Flight shirt is more than 100 times better than brands like Gucci or MK or whatever they’re called.

I have one as well. It’s really high quality! I recommend it!


Just like the teams standards with aircraft 🙂


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