Infinite Flight T Shirt

Doesn’t IF sell T shirts somewhere?

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They have an Amazon link


You can check this out, there both the Same

Two different designs, so you can choose whichever one looks better to you. Happy flying!

Definitely buying that first one tommorow, thanks both of you!

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Amazon in the US sells them, but don’t ship to Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand. For US see above.

If you consider getting your own one printed with IF logo, check here.

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Got to love the Infinite Flight shirt. I suggest getting them from the amazon link above. I have my own shirt and love wearing it around.

Sad that i can’t order this shirt it dosen’t deliver to Australia. Does anyone else know were i could get to

You could ask someome who lives in the USA if you could order it to their house and then they send it to you.

The way I did it was, my dad went the the USA on a business trip and was able to order them to a work colleges house.

Oh I live in phoenix Arizona guys I think I’m good thank you though

They surprisingly still have the old logo too if you prefer that:

I’ve had an IF t-shirt for a few years now and have worn it so much that the ink is starting to wear thin (I plan to get a new one at some point). I love the shirt, but I’m still waiting for the day when a fellow community member stops me on the street to talk with me about the sim:-/


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