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Time for another timelapse!

Veryyy busy around Colorado on Friday! Taken using :)

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Wow, this is like watching an ant farm. Very cool to see so much participation! Great work

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Sorry to do this but… Moved to Live/Events.

Moving a moderator’s post are we? hmm… ;)

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I know… ;)

Thanks! Definitely very crowded out there, I also filmed the playground server and it was a fair bit calmer, less organised too :)
I trimmed it a bit at the end, but it’s quite cool to see how the traffic fades away as it gets later :)

Should it be in Live > Events? Technically this category is only for promoting and discussing your events. Although LiveFlight and Cam’s time lapses are superb, it doesn’t really fit the category description. Live would probably be better.


@carmalonso: Make more of these!

Ok. About to change it.

If you guys insist… :)

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I saw me right at the very beginning!

Nice one :) Here’s the full, slower video if you’re interested:


Hehe, there I am lined up on the runway image

nice pushback ;)

😂😂, I taxied a little to the left of the runway

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Looking at some people’s actions and behaviours on the video, all I can say is thank God some people are not pilots in the real world.


@carmalonso… Excellent work Sir as usual. Pls don’t be offended by the oh so correct crowd. It comes with the territory. Opinions, what was the old saying "There like (expletive deleted) etc. Max Sends

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Thank you Max, appreciate your kind words.

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Is this video from playground or advanced?

Advanced :)