Infinite Flight Suggestion

Is it just me or should Infinite Flight put out a 1 Month Gift card in stores, I would buy it!

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Do you mean gifting for others? Or as in physical stores?

Because if you mean on the app store you could always just subscribe in the app store for 1 month and cancel before it renews if necessary.

I meant both just a suggestion!

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Ah, okay, understood. For that I do not have a suggestion then…

Ok, thats fine

great suggestion ! i personally think that it will make it more convienient for younger flyers since they dont have credit or debit cards to purchase a subscription. theyd have to round it up to 14USD though.

Why do they have to round it up?

i dont think u can pay $13.98 in actual cash unless u have a card of some sort 😅

Yeah, that’s true, I would buy it if that add that option!

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same here ! when i was younger i always wanted to an option to purchase via cash cuz i dont really have a debit card then…

Yeah I’m saving up rn to get it on card.


The reason we don’t is because we’re not the store.
All payments and transactions are handled by the stores :)
So a Google Play Gift card or iTunes Gift card would be the same.

Or just a straight up Apple gift card. 😂

That’s what I use to pay for my pro at least.

Ok, Thanks!


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