Infinite Flight Suddenly Shuts Down During Flight

I was doing a 10 hours flight from MMUN to EGYP. After covering over 9 hours of flight, just few minutes to my initial descent, as I was touching the screen and checking various parameters, the IF app suddenly shut down and went off completely. I was online, wifi internet connection was good, all green, no incoming calls (I don’t even have SIM card on the device), battery was over 80%. I am using an IOS device running latest OS.

It was quite devastating (smile).

Has anyone experienced this? What was the cause? What do I do to prevent a reoccurence?
Any information will help. Thank you.

Hello! Have you checked the Support FAQ? It’s pinned in #support ;)


Quite helpful tips. Thanks

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Seeing you’re using iOS, a memory leak is likely causing this sort of “crash” and happens to most, if not all iOS devices. The devs are aware of this and are trying to work on a fix. It’s just a matter of time to wait for the hotfix to come. IF you have done long hauls in this version without your game crashing, consider yourself lucky.

Thanks for this information.
I’ve done few long hauls without issues until this.

If it’s before 19.4 and the release of the A350, then that’s just normal.

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Yeah, all my flights seem to crash around the 9 hour mark.

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I performed a soft restart of the device and tried another long haul of over 10 and half hours from LFPO to FMEE. I successfully landed. Although towards my final approach, after I activated APPR, it started buffering until I touched down. Was slightly difficult to control on final but didn’t crash and didn’t shutdown.

I think the soft restart as recommended in the pinned message on #support FAQ helps.

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