Infinite Flight Subscription

(Please Expedite) Hey! I bought the infinite flight subscription on an old iPad which has hardly any storage to run it. So I want to use my Lenovo Android tablet. I have connected my IF account with my google account through the community button under account. Is there any way for me to use that subscription on my Lenovo Tablet, and if so what do I need to click? Thanks in advance.

If you log in with your Infinite Flight account on the Lenovo tablet the subscription should automatically transfer over as long as you don’t cancel it.


Could you please tell me the steps to do that? Thanks

Go to your settings, Log in and you should be good.

In settings the only thing that seems helpful is account. Everything I account is in lockable since I’d don’t have the membership.

On your Lenovo;

  1. Tap ”GET PRO”
  2. Tap ”I already have an account”
  3. Sign in with your Community credentials.

Thanks so much for your time. It worked! -JustYourAveragePilot

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