Infinite flight subscription

Hello y’all, I logged our by accident today and when I put log in this appeared

So I put some thought before posting and came upon this topic Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting!

After following it, it didn’t seem to work


You may be able to click the “I already have a account” button. What happens then?

Also happening to me right now…

Proof of my subscription

Happening to me, too…

I also just created a post, might be something bigger @schyllberg ?

Yes, it happened to me too. It’s probably just a general problem. The devolapers will fix that soon. Just a little patience :)

Oh it seems it’s happening to @MissRosa @Adam_Reid maybe it’s a quick bug and worst comes to worst I’ll be patient and wait for mods

@Jan_W it takes me to a Google or Facebook login and I don’t have either

We’re looking at it.


Thanks @schyllberg I’ll be patient 👍

Happening to me, I cannot log into my account nor play any modes like singleplayer or ATC.

I was able to get on 10min ago but now I can’t

Lets just wait for a report back now :) Patience everyone

Anyone needs to relax at the meantime.

The IF Gods are looking it
Yep, Gods😂

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As it was mentioned before , I know it’s hectic but patience is key

I’m doing just fine, I started my flight 30 minutes ago and I’m still now connected to the expert server, I’m running iOS, maybe this only affects android?

I’m on IOS

I am running on Android

Maybe you are just plain lucky

No need to speculate just wait for a report, seems like its affecting a lot :)

I think the people that are in flight aren’t affected by this?