Infinite flight subscription

So I am coming to the end of another fantastic year of infinite flight I tried looking at old topics but I couldn’t find the answer to my question. I have subscription auto renewal on, but I wanna know if I am flying for say LAX-JFK what will happen and will I lose contention in the flight.

P.S. it renews the on the 3rd

You will be disconnected from the live server, with a message saying your sub has ended.

Even with auto renewal on

Maybe you could just not do a long haul flight tomorrow night?

Save it for the day after.

It will most probably disconnect you anyway. I wouldn’t risk it.

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I also want to confirm will it renew at 12am

Yes, it will reset at 0000 hours.

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Alright thanks this can be closed now. I just won’t fly tomorrow night. Have a good day.

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@N801VP You should still be good to fly tonight and through your “resubscribe” phase. So long as you have that auto-renewal app feature selected, you should be good to go. 🙂