Infinite Flight Subscription Will Not Renew In-Game While Flying

Hey y’all! Right now I am flying from EBLG to KMEM and I am around 6 and a half hours in. I got a message that told me that my subscription has ended so my live server access has been terminated (paraphrased). This was odd, as my subscription is set to auto-renewal and my Google Play says my subscription is now active until August 1st, though it still says July 1st in the app. Is this some sort of issue I wasn’t aware of that can’t be fixed until I restart the app, after my flight? Or is there a way to fix it without compromising the rest of my flight? Thanks! Sorry if this is a duplicate, couldn’t find any post that showcased exactly what my issue was using the search bar.


This unfortunately can occur if the app has not yet been restarted for a while, if the “access token” expires after the subscription expires, but before it has the chance to check if it’s renewed.

It’s not common, but happens. There’s nothing to be done unfortunately and you will have to restart the app.

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Alright, that makes sense. 1 concern I do have is that I just restarted the app this morning in order to update my navigation database. Is the access token shorter than that?

From the top of my head, i don’t remember the exact time it’s valid. But it’s a couple of hours.

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Alright, guess you can close it now, lack of live server isn’t the worst problem I could face while finishing my flight. Thanks!

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