Infinite flight subscription using two devices

Hello community,
So I currently use my Samsung galaxy s9 for infinite flight and my subscription is billed through Google play. I just ordered an iPad and I am going to use the same account on there. Will I get billed twice since I am using a different brand of device for the same account?

No. Simply log back into the same account on your iPad using Google on infinite flight.

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You do however need to purchase the app a second time using Apple’s store vs Google.

Thank you sir, but as long as I use the same login information the accounts will link right? And i only need to buy the app and not for pay for another subscription right?

Yes. However you won’t be able to use both at the same time. You can only use one at a time.
If you have already paid for a subscription using Google play then no as it is in your account.

I know I cant fly them both at the same time, but can they both be logged in or do I have to log out of one? @Chris_S

To be safe you should only have IF running on one device at a time.

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I have an Android phone and an iPad. I use IF on both with a Google log in. I never log out on the phone, just close it, and so far have never received a duplicate usage message.


Ok thank you. My question is answered if you want to close it