Infinite Flight Subscription Price Error

Device: iPhone 8
iOS Verison: 11.2 Beta 2
IF version: 17.04.1
Hello, I’m trying to renew my subscription and I get this…
Is this an issue or is it just me.

Have you tried anything like restarting your device?

Try restarting the app. That’ll usually resolve this issue.

I’ve tried that but didn’t work at all, I’ve also restarted my phone and that didn’t work either.

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

What happens when you click “Select?”

Yes, Ive tried re-installing the app and still comes up with the same error. When I click select, nothing comes up, not even the purchase ui.

Well, you’re aware of the new prices or at least should be, so purchasing the subscription seems more like a “price display error”

Ill try signing out and back in again to see of that works.

Yeah try and click select, could the fact you are running the beta be an issue?

Probably, ill sign out and back in to see if that works.
When i click select, the purchase ui doesn’t come up so i cant even buy it

Ok, I signed out, then signed back in and the prices come up just fine. Thanks for helping!

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