Infinite Flight Store Now Open!

so like there’s a shipping cost included???

Nope, I paid 10 extra dollars for shipping to Brazil. If you live in a less exotic place it’s probably cheaper

I’ll buy tashirt written on it Please Follow Instructions

Can I get a C-17 rework to go, please?

Joking, joking, I wish this was how it worked 😂

“Shipped on the brand new 777F, with fully reworked cargo hold.” 😋

When will update iPhone 12pro max phone case? I’m looking forward…

I want an infinite flight mug for my morning coffee @infiniteflight @jasonrosewell any plans for this to be added to the merch? 😎😎



Fantastic, looking forward to it thank you 😎😎

Received my case today!

Me waiting for NOV 19/20 for my IF Please Follow Instructions merch to come: 👁👄👁

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Hi @jasonrosewell , I ordered my shirt a week ago and I know you have a lot of work at the moment. But since no email has reached me regarding the current situation, I wanted to know what is happening and what would be an approximate arrival date in Asuncion-Paraguay

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Could we buy it to another country?

There are a select few countries that are not able to be shipped to. I don’t have the exact list on me at the moment, but it’ll probably be in this topic.

Yes; however, there a few countries that they cannot ship to due to supplier constraints. Please see the following.

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New merch! Face masks and mugs!


Just saw that - I love the mask with all the infinite logos…

adds to cart

I really want the PFI mug, sadly gonna have to wait after the 27th Nov to get it.

Ooooh yes! I’m buying myself a mug!