Infinite Flight Store Now Open!

I know you mess up your words sometimes, Claudio. Are you sure you put your address in correctly?

The above is a joke; please don’t take it seriously. I suggest reloading the page and beginning the process again.

Please shoot an email to for help with shipping.

What shipping company will be in charge of my order? (FedEx, UPS, Purolator)

Awesome I’ll definitely check it out

Is the shipping worldwide? (Sorry if it’s repeated)

Yes; however, there a few countries that they cannot ship to due to supplier restraints. Please see the following.

yes yes and yes!

Ill be one of them come friday lol

Enjoy :p


Lmao tried my best

Whichever one the fulfillment center uses to ship to your region. Can you explain why this is an important detail?


I was simply asking in case there was a problem with my order…

All relevant details will be emailed to you at the various stages of the process just like any other online store.


Ok then. I’m not very familiar with how online shipping works so I just wanted to know :)

Will you make phone cases for Xiaomi / Redmi devices in a future?


It’s my pleasure to help you with your inquiry today. Thank you for shopping with Infinite Flight. 👜


Our phone case selection is based on popular devices and availability from our supplier for good quality products only. We will not source mediocre cases just to support a wider range of devices. Having said that, if we can add more variety down the road, we will.


About to order the IPhone 11 case!

Where are the hats?


They don’t have them yet. They may add them in the future but for now they’re starting small.