Infinite flight storage

Hey everyone, hope you all are having a good day/night. I just had a question how much storage does infinite flight take up for you guys. Mine is currently 30.57 GB and I think that’s quite a lot. Is there any ways I can get rid of it a little bit?


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Why do you have the same profile picture as Tyler Shelton? I thought it was him


Actually that’s not the reason. I’m really obsessed in IFATC and pass the written test, the profile picture is my way to attract good vibes.

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I recommend to switch the orientation of the profile picture as not to confuse other users.

Aviator Enthusiast


Not to be a an a-hole but is using chat GPT for something that can be answered within a couple sentences really necessary? If the tools I used are completely wrong, I apologise.

Tools I used


No it’s rather obvious. I’ve seen the exact same output from ChatGPT before.

@Aviator_Enthusiast - strongly advice you to write your own suggestions moving forward and perhaps rethink your profile picture. Copyrights and so forth…


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